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Suggest New Challenges :: Pictures/Themes

Have you ever seen some great pictures of Hilary and wished it could end up in the challenge? Have you thought of a theme that would be great for hill_ichallenge and just didn't know where to suggest it. Well now you can have your chance here.

Picture Challenge: If you want to suggest a picture challenge, you must supply 3 or more high-quality pictures. You must also state what event, premiere, photoshoot etc. the images are from. Use the following form to submit a future challenge:

URL of Pictures:
What event/photoshoot are these from?:
Anything else?:

Theme Challenge: For this, all you have to do is give a description of the theme, and state possible ways the theme could be interpreted. Use the following form to submit a future challenge:

Description of theme:
Example of theme:
Anything else?:

If you wish to submit multiple challenge ideas, make each one in new comment. It just makes everything a bit more organized for me.

We also need some new lyrics for challenges so submit some here.
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